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Amazing 1964 movie of Wilderness Waterways Stanislaus River trip – rare!

Status: Live River
By: Bryce Whitmore
Date: 1964

This is the only known film of a 1960s rafting run on the Stanislaus River in California’s Sierra Foothills. It’s a series of vignettes without sound that completely captures the fun and fearless approach to low-tech river rafting of that pioneering era. This trip features (and may have been filmed by) Bryce Whitmore, the original rafter on the Stanislaus River in 1961. Includes classic Camp Nine put in scenes (very rudimentary gear!), Suspension Bridge, Devil’s Staircase, camp at the Bryce/Marty/Sierra Mac campsite above Mother Rapid and Mother itself, Lower Razorback Rapid (looks like very high water!), and Chinese Dogleg. Maynard Munger is the kayaker in several scenes. 9 minutes, no sound.


Keywords: Fun, Rafting, River, Special Portfolio
Format: Video
Collection: Bryce Whitmore's Collection
Rights: Bryce Whitmore 1964

Date uploaded: Oct 10, 2023
Date last modified: Oct 11, 2023