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Onshore scenes from a 1975 etc trip – warehouse and put in

Status: Live River
By: Bruce Raley
Date: 1975

This film clip (no sound) begins at the etc warehouse in Altaville CA – people shown include: Larry ( ), Rick Spitler, Gracielle Rossi, Lynn Laney, Howard Levitt, Jeff Aaronson. The film then moves to the Camp Nine put in on the Stanislaus River as boats are prepared and a briefing occurs. People shown include: Tim Riedel*, Lisa Campbell, Doug Shields, Mary Regan, Lynn Laney, and Gracielle Rossi. *Tim was later beaten by pro-dam thugs .

Keywords: Disabled, Guides, Rafting
Format: Video
Collection: Admin's Collection
Rights: Copyright 1975 Bruce Raley

Date uploaded: Oct 11, 2021
Date last modified: Feb 28, 2023