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View upstream to Shark’s Mouth

Location: Shark's Mouth
Status: Live River
By: Paul Begovac
Date: April 19, 1981

This view looking upstream shows Shark’s Mouth in the lower middle of the image – it’s the warm colored rocks and the “snout” of the shark is pointing upwards, with the black hole of the “mouth” right below. Created out of erosion along this great limestone cliff wall, Shark’s Mouth was a fun site to float under, where you could see clearly the “teeth” and the gaping maw of the shark. The white rocks mark the bar that was Cliffside Camp.

Keywords: Geology, River
Format: Photograph
Collection: Admin's Collection
Rights: Paul Begovac 1981

Date uploaded: Aug 27, 2023
Date last modified: Aug 30, 2023