About the Stanislaus Archive

The Stanislaus River Archive is being developed to make clear the importance of the river and the campaigns to save it during the 1970s and 1980s – and to allow anyone to see visual evidence of what the river was, what the campaigns involved, and what it has become.  Learn more about what you can do on this site in this two minute video tutorial.

GreenInfo Network, a nonprofit created in 1996 by former ARTA guide/manager and FOR board chair Larry Orman to provide information technology support to other NGOs, was asked to develop this web site by a group of those who have a long history with the Stanislaus River and believe it offers enduring inspiration for efforts to conserve the natural world.

Those in this group include Richard Roos-Collins, John Cassidy, Mark Dubois, Alexander Gaguine, Gracielle Rossi, Jennifer Jennings, Jon Amodio, Joe Daly, Roy Tennant, Christian Kallen, Martin Blake, and others. Over time, we hope to have a more specific steering committee.

This project builds on tremendous volunteer efforts by Roy Tennant, who developed the first generation of the archive, and Marty Blake, who maintains the Stanislaus River Museum in Sonora, California, showcasing extensive printed material, some of which is digitally available in the archive. It has also benefited from so many who have already contributed their information to the archive.


The Stanislaus Archive Project has completed Phase 2, which has resulted in this version of the archive web site. The design and development of a more complete element for telling the story of the Stanislaus is being taken up in Phase 3, beginning in 2019 but depending on funding received.

Keep up with what’s going on for the Archive by reading our blog  – and donate to help support this effort!


To get in touch with us, start by sending us email to: stanislaus@greeninfo.org – it may take a few days or a week to get back to you. Thanks!