The Stanislaus River, Alive Again

The decade-long campaign to save the Stanislaus River in the California Sierra Nevada mobilized hundreds of thousands of people in the 1970s and 1980s to speak for this amazing natural wonder. Though the campaign did not prevent the flooding of the wild river by an ill-advised dam, it left a legacy of learning and inspiration that remains relevant today.

The Stanislaus River Archive is a trove of photos, documents, videos and other materials that bring to life the river as it was – and describe the campaigns to save it. The next phase of the archive’s development will expand on the meaning of the campaigns for today’s efforts to protect the Earth and responsibly manage the remaining free-flowing waters that are vital to our well-being. Watch the three minute tutorial on what you can do!

You can “go down” the river as it was in this 8 minute video, and watch this moving, 12 minute overview video about the river and the campaigns to save it

We welcome your contributions of images, videos, and documents – and we ask for your financial support to keep this site moving forward!

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