Highlights – Selected Searches in the Archive

Using Advanced Search on the Explore page can let you find amazing discoveries about the Stanislaus and the fight to save it. Here are a few of the searches that you can run by just clicking the link:

Special Portfolio – Select images, video, audio and documents that represent key times and iconic moments (more coming as we add to the archive)

Proposition 17 – The 1974 initiative campaign involved over 200,000 people, trying to keep the upper river from destruction by New Melones – here are images and artifacts from that amazing effort

Tim Palmer’s Collection – Author, photographer, activist, and so much more, Tim’s legacy for the Stan is captured here.¬† See also Don Brigg’s collection, more outstanding photographs.

Video and audio files – Movies, interviews, songs – they’re all in this selection.

Witness and Encampment – the April – June 1979 gatherings that focused on how to stop and memorialize the gradual flooding of the river were a pivotal moment of thoughtful, passionate non-violent protest.

May-June 1979: Chaining as protest – Mark Dubois’ dramatic protest, and those of a number of others who did the same, against filling the New Melones reservoir – these gave room for more pro-river efforts to be undertaken.

River guides – This selection highlights some of the men and women who guided for commercial companies, showing slices of their lives.

Examples from Martin Blake’s Stanislaus Museum Notebooks – Martin’s museum is a treasure trove of articles, images and other artifacts about the Stanislaus, with only a small selection currently in the archive.

Up Rose Creek – The experience of the pools of Rose Creek was a joyful moment for anyone who was on the river and hiked up, as these images attest

Friends of the River scenes and materials – FOR came into being in the 1974 Proposition 17 campaign and continued on during the 70s and 80s, and to this day; those early days are shown here.

Headwaters – All the issues of FOR’s Headwaters newsletter during the 1970s, early 1980s

The pro-dam people and New Melones – The arguments and the people who pushed for the dam and the destruction of the Stanislaus River

The flooding that destroyed Stanislaus – Hard to look at, the gradual flooding left scenes of tragedy all along its course

The history and cultural places of the river – the images and history of places you may not even have heard about

Poems about the Stanislaus – Some of those who used verse to celebrate the river, the fight for it, the lessons from the efforts to save it.

The epic river runs in January, 1980 during 30-40,000 CFS flood stage.

Other searches to try:

  • Creator = Don Briggs, or Coni Beeson, both of whom have amazing libraries of images, or any others shown.
  • Location – rapids, camps, other places, 60+ marked along the river and off-river (Natural Bridges, Chicken Falls, so many more..)
  • Keywords – try “Joy”, or “Cultural”

Go to Advanced Search and try typing in words in Title, or Description, or choosing any of the other items there!


Help us LOCATE photos that don’t have locations – review these images, and send us email with the URLs of the items you know about and information about them.

Help us identify PEOPLE and SCENES (mostly from the campaigns) that we aren’t sure about – review these images, send us email with the URLs of the items you can identify and that information.

You can also run these searches yourself – just type¬† “Where is” or “Needs Identification” in the Search box in https://www.stanislausriver.org/explore/