Didn’t get to participate in a webinar? Here’s a 24 minute recording of what you missed!

March 10, 2024

Webinars on how best to use the Stanislaus River Archive happen periodically, announced through out newsletter. But, if you missed one and want to see what went one, we've now got a 24 minute recording of Larry Orman walking through all the great ways you can use this website!

Stanislaus Archives Webinars for February 2024!

February 07, 2024

There will be two 45 minute Stanislaus Archive webinars (via zoom) during February 2024) - we'll send out a second notice a week before, but here are the meeting times and the zoom links.  These webinars cover the most important parts of the archive and they look under the hood for some great features ...

New to Stanislaus Archive – the River Journey view!

April 03, 2023

Now you can travel down the river, from Camp Nine to the old town of Melones and beyond with sequential, mile by mile views (photographs and videos) – as close to being there again as you can get! Click the link above to go directly to this "River Journey" view of the Explore page. When you're ...

How to add your items to the Stanislaus Archive

February 09, 2023

Have slides, videos, documents, or other materials you want to add to  Here's what you have to do, based on the revised site (February 2023) which has a slightly different process than the prior version of the site. It's easy to become a contributor: Sign up using the online ...

Trying to figure out what to look for on Try these 5 tips!

November 10, 2022

There is a lot of material on, and more coming weekly. But it can be hard to sort through it all. Here're five tips for jumping in and having fun doing it: In Explore, type your name or someone you know about in the search box at the top (the searches are really fast, once everything ...

About the Stanislaus River photo book

November 10, 2022

The book features over 300 of the best images from the Stanislaus Archive, a 42 page, full color, hardbound 13"x 11" book, "Down the Stanislaus River". You can  (re)visit the river the way it was and fall in love all over again with your favorite places along it. Because printing at this price requires ...

Not getting the Stanislaus Archive newsletter? Here’s how to fix that!

October 07, 2021

The Stanislaus Archive newsletter is published via email several times a year to those who've subscribed to it (we don't sell/trade emails!). But some people aren't getting it - what's going on with that? First off, if you know you're not signed up, here's the Stanislaus River Newsletter sign up (but ...

‘Crime Scene’ Analysis – Stanislaus River Version (did Cop Rock do it??)

July 06, 2021

One of the fun parts of managing the Stanislaus Archive is re-discovering all the places that had slipped away from memory. But with some modern mapping tools and lots of comparisons of images in the archive, it's possible to figure out a lot of photo locations that otherwise might not get determined. Here's ...

New – Google Earth kmz files for the Stanislaus River and Feature Points

June 15, 2021

Now you can explore the Stanislaus River as it was on you own, by downloading these two Google Earth files: StanisRiver_Albers83.kmz - this is the river's center line, helpful for understanding exactly where it flowed - download it now (10kb) Stanislaus_Feature_Points.kmz - these are the rapids, ...

Coming soon – a regular Stanislaus River Archive newsletter!

June 15, 2021

Just a heads up - we're starting a couple times a year newsletter for the Stanislaus River Archive. By the end of June 2021, you should have the first edition, where we're trying to get connected to those on our current email lists. So, stay tuned - if by early July, you don't have the first e-newsletter, ...