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Santa Barbara Chapter of Friends of the River after a trip

Location: Parrott's Ferry take out
Status: Live River
By: Gina Cuclis
Date: July 17, 1977

Includes these people:  Carol Nelson, 2nd from left standing; Gina Cuclis, 3rd from left standing; Roberta Jortner, 5th from left standing; Alexander Gaguine sitting on the truck in the middle; Craig (can’t remember last name), 3rd from right in red F.O.R. shirt; Jeff Schloss, squatting on the right.  Needs ID.

Keywords: FOR, Fun, Guides
Format: Photograph
Collection: Admin's Collection
Rights: Copyright 1977 Gina Cuclis

Date uploaded: Aug 28, 2018
Date last modified: Mar 14, 2023