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Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Stanislaus River

Status: Live River
By: Unknown
Date: 1975

Bodybuilder Arnold Schwartzenegger, before being elected California Governor for two terms (2003-2011), likely in 1975 on an ARTA river trip led by Jann Dorman. ARTA Guide Danny Silver is being hoisted up, to the right is guide Tom Silva, down in front is Arnie’s friend Peter, a gym owner. The backstory here is pretty funny: the ARTA guides determined that an all-female crew would probably be interesting to have on the trip. At the last minute they needed one more guide and got Tom Silva. Turns out Arnie was really great and everybody loved him. He joked around a lot – especially about himself – and even got on the left side of the paddle raft while everyone else was on the right when they came down to the laughing, gawking crowds at Rose Creek. When they hiked up the tilted slabs at Rose he was crab walking. When asked why, he said in his accent “ I make my living from my beautiful body. I cannot let it be bruised!” Later downstream at lunch Tommy had trouble opening a jar of pickles. He stopped, comically glanced at Arnie, sauntered over and asked for help. Arnie got up, flexed conspicuously, got that muscle look, took the jar, walked over and tapped the lid on a rock, and said while opening it “ My mamma taught me that it’s easier if you hit the lid first!” This story is evolving so check back soon (June 2022) and see this one .

Format: Photograph
Collection: Admin's Collection

Date uploaded: Jun 19, 2022
Date last modified: Mar 25, 2023