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ARTA house – Food warehouse door

Location: ARTA House
Status: Live River
By: Larry Orman
Date: April 19, 1974

The ARTA house was 14 acres just a few hundred feet from Camp 9 road, home to as many as 30 guides (and two goats) and staging center for Prop. 17 media trips. With the house, ARTA moved from having the grocery store in Angels Camp pack up trip food to creating its own food warehouse, where standard menus framed trip food, and could be customized by head guides getting ready for their trips. The painting of Baccus on the door to the warehouse was done by ARTA guide Sue Bassett .

Keywords: Guides
Format: Photograph
Collection: Larry Orman's Collection
Rights: Copyright Larry Orman 1974

Date uploaded: Aug 27, 2018
Date last modified: Feb 28, 2023