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Entering Coral Cave on the Stanislaus

Location: Coral Cave
Status: Live River
By: Larry Orman
Date: July 22, 1972

Coral Cave sat between Duck Bar and Upper Chinese Camp and was a gem. The limestone cavern had a small opening (in photo) that dropped into a large anteroom. From there you had to find your way up to a very small opening that led into a very small tunnel (hands and knees) with great formations. After 50-60′, you arrived in a large, round chamber about 10′ tall, with more formations all around. Turn out lights and be silent and you went to another world, where all you could hear was the “drip, drip” of water on limestone and sometimes the squeak of the one bat who lived in there, all in pitch dark. Magical.

Keywords: Caves, Fun, River
Format: Photograph
Collection: Larry Orman's Collection
Rights: Copyright Larry Orman 1972

Date uploaded: Sep 12, 2018
Date last modified: Nov 23, 2018