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etc trip film clips by Coni Beeson from the late 1970s

Status: Live River
By: Coni Beeson
Date: 1979

This incomplete film (no audio) by Coni Beeson (many photos and other films by Coni in the archive) has two parts. The 1st 15mins is an etc trips on the Stanislaus River in the high water Spring of 1979. Includes terrific footage of Bob Metts and Denis Fantin, the legendary duo guides (Bob was a polio survivor and Denis, who rowed, was blind), running Devil’s Staircase, Bailey. It also features Mary Regan (history professor at UCB and paraplegic), Rick & Graciella (etc leaders), Don Briggs (filmmaker & river activist). Coni and other etc volunteers also included. The last 6 mins is Coni’s film River Without Borders/Two Rivers Tale about the dams on the Stanislaus & Warm Springs (in Sonoma) . Here’s more on Bob/Denis .

Format: Video
Collection: Admin's Collection
Rights: Copyright 1979 Coni Beeson

Date uploaded: Sep 27, 2021
Date last modified: Feb 28, 2023