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Images, video from the ARTA house in May 2019

Location: ARTA House
By: Larry Orman
Date: May 23, 2019

(link updated 4/28/20, now works to folder view) This link is to about 50 images and two short video segments of the ARTA house as it exists now in 2019, during a visit by Larry Orman and Mark Dubois in May 2019. While much changed (and deteriorated) from 1974-80 when it was at its peak (home to 30+ guides, plus HQ for onriver FOR work during Prop. 17 and after), there are still remnants of what it was like. See here for more images of the ARTA house back in the day .

Keywords: Guides, Memoir
Collection: Larry Orman's Collection
Rights: Copyright Larry Orman 2019

Date uploaded: Aug 6, 2019
Date last modified: Feb 28, 2023