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Kayakers in Bailey Falls in 1989

Location: Bailey Falls Rapid
Status: Dead River
By: Nancy Dagle
Date: September 23, 1989

Kayakers on this trip took advantage of low water in the reservoir to run the Stanislaus down to South Fork where the still water started. Nancy Dagle (red lifejacket in left side photo) describes it:  “We did a low water trip of the Camp 9 run of the Stanislaus River. Gunther Hemmersbach (foreground in left photo) and John Dixon (left of Nancy above) joined us. The river flow was 700 cfs. Since the run had been previously flooded, there was quite a bathtub ring, but we didn’t care. It was good to be back on this river.  Gunter was sent to the US from Germany by his company for an engineering job. He liked California whitewater so much that he called his boss to tell him that he was quitting his job to stay in California.”  All the kayakers were part of the Sierra Club’s River Touring Section.

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