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Low water run from Camp Nine to Death Rapid in 2015

Status: Dead River
By: Scott Schoettgen's film team
Date: August 13, 2015

This nine minute video splices together video segments filmed by Scott Schoettgen’s film team of a two boat trip down the Stanislaus River in 2015 (some of thier footage used by KQED – see more here ), when the New Melones Reservoir had receded significantly. It’s one of the very few videos available of the river and rafting on it. Beginning at the pools just below Camp Nine, it tracks the rafts through Rock Garden and Suspension Bridge rapids, and ends up just above Death Rock Rapid. Be sure to watch the last few seconds of the video where views of how the river was before it was destroyed are overlaid on the same scene in 2015. Guides include Mark Dubois and one other. Best watched in YouTube HD resolution. (Participants include: Craig Miller ( KQED), Clyde McDonald, Pam & Bob Wilkinson, Toby Briggs, Gorden Becker and others,) Third boat was the fim crew.

Format: Video
Collection: Admin's Collection

Date uploaded: Nov 15, 2022
Date last modified: Apr 6, 2023