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Morning view of the check dam, Camp 9 bridge, and the penstock – image 1

Location: Camp 9 check dam - old
Status: Live River
By: Larry Orman
Date: July 24, 1971

The Stanislaus was dammed upstream of Camp 9 and water diverted into a forebay on top of the mountain in this view. A penstock (pipe) came down to turbines and when water was released, it generated power and it made created raftable flows in the river – once the morning release filled up the check dam. This is the first in a series of three images showing how this worked,

Keywords: Rafting, River, Special Portfolio
Format: Photograph
Collection: Larry Orman's Collection
Rights: Copyright Larry Orman 1974

Date uploaded: Sep 13, 2018
Date last modified: Apr 9, 2023