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Old military style rafts at Rose Creek – whoa!

Location: Rose Creek Landing Beach
Status: Live River
By: Unknown
Date: July 15, 1972

Pulled in to Rose for lunch, this collection of rafts is a classic military style fleet. From right: a 10-man painted Gaco red (with leaky tubes!); a basket boat with a wild green paint job and a really funky frame set up; another 10-man with a huge frame set up; another basket boat (looks like ARTA green oars!); another ARTA 10-man; and a very colorfully painted something, hidden behind the tree. 10-man rafts weighted almost 200 lbs unloaded, real bears to roll and store, let along muscle around beaches! (A Navy 10-man weighed over 400lb— much more challenging.)

Keywords: Guides, Rafting
Format: Photograph
Collection: Admin's Collection

Date uploaded: Jul 23, 2022
Date last modified: Aug 1, 2022