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Razorback Rapid, looking upstream

Location: Razorback Rapid
Status: Live River
By: Bill Center
Date: April 10, 1976

Razorback Rapid was formed by the river funneling left through a narrow channel against the left wall, with a large rock that had some very hard and sharp chert protrusions – many rafts that didn’t negotiate the little channel ended up with slices! A small tree stood sentinel at the right edge of the channel and you could walk out to it on the large bar of rocks that had pushed into the river from the canyon up to the right. The best fun was sliding under an overhang on the left just after the center rock, where people could enjoy a spring that flowed down on them through clouds of maidenhair ferns – see more here. At high water the rocks just above the pool formed a terrific hole, like in this video .

Keywords: Rafting, River
Format: Photograph
Collection: Bill Center's Collection
Rights: Copyright Bill Center 1976

Date uploaded: Mar 16, 2021
Date last modified: Feb 28, 2023