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Rob Caughlan, Friends of the River co-founder, media guru

Status: Live River
By: Unknown
Date: 1976

Rob Caughlan was a co-founder of FOR, along with Jerry Meral and David Kay. A media consultant with Roanoke (he and good friend David Oake), Rob was a critical player in the Proposition 17 campaign, helping shape overall media and outreach strategy and tactics – and was known for his funny and sharp approach to winning hearts and minds. Rob was a passionate surfer and went on to found and lead the Surfrider Foundation, and to work in the Carter Whitehouse during the late 1970s. He got his start in politics by starting the Senator Sam Ervin fan club during the Watergate hearings of the early 1970s (look it up!).

Keywords: FOR, Proposition 17
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Date uploaded: Nov 12, 2019
Date last modified: Nov 12, 2019