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Row for the River – the famous blow-up truck and Prop. 17

Location: San Francisco - Fort Mason FOR office
Status: Live River
By: Unknown
Date: September 15, 1974

Row for the River was a week-long demonstration to support Proposition 17, the initiative to protect the Stanislaus River. It was a 100 mile run by a small group of kayakers from Camp Nine down the river to the San Joaquin, then up and out the Delta to San Francisco Bay. It culminated on Sunday, September 15, when over 100 rafters, kayakers (and even one then-rare windsurfer) made the final connection to Aquatic Park in San Francisco, with much media fanfare. This blow up, military surplus truck was prominent, towed on a raft.

Keywords: FOR, Proposition 17, Protests
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Date uploaded: Jun 11, 2022
Date last modified: Feb 28, 2023