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Sunset Magazine – first article on the Stanislaus River 1965

Status: Live River
By: Martin Litton
Date: May 1, 1965

The May 1965 edition of Sunset Magazine featured a 3 page spread about the Stanislaus River, highlighting Bryce Whitmore’s Wilderness Waterways river company’s trips. It was likely sourced by Martin Litton, who was Sunset’s Travel Editor at the time (before he created Grand Canyon Dories). The article has some great photos that show unusual views of a trip in the Stanislaus canyon.  This edition of the then-burgeoning monthly magazine was just short of 300 pages and cost just $.25, a different era!

Keywords: Rafting, River
Format: Article
Collection: Bryce Whitmore's Collection
Rights: Sunset Magazine 1965

Date uploaded: Oct 11, 2023
Date last modified: Jan 8, 2024