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The 1979 Witness and Encampment Journal

Location: Witness and Encampment site
Status: Live River
By: Alexander Gaguine, Mark Dubois, Larry Orman
Date: November 22, 2023

The Witness and Encampment was a month and a half-long vigil along the lower Stanislaus River, beginning at the old mining town of Melones. It was organized by Alexander Gaguine and others in order to stand witness to the flooding that began at the first of April 1979. This journal records daily observations and heart-breaking emotions of over 50 of the over 100 who were part of the migrating encampment – it also includes a preface and introduction written in 2023.  The original journal was on 18″x24″ paper, in a large bound volume.  The Journal is filled with eloquent statements and drawings, showing the depth of feeling that the Stanislaus River engendered in so many hearts.

If you recognize the name of the Journal writers, please share their address with so we can make sure they can read what they wrote, and remember what they were part of.



Keywords: Flooding, Meaning of the Stan, Memoir, Protests, River, Special Portfolio, Witness
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Date uploaded: Nov 22, 2023
Date last modified: Nov 25, 2023