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The amazing Tichenors – Paula, John, Stich and Jimbo

Location: Camp 9 Put-in
Status: Live River
By: Teresa Tichenor
Date: July 19, 1974

It started out with just one (John), but within a year, all the Tichenor siblings were ARTA guides on the Stanislaus River and the river and the community were way better for it. In this photo in a Yampa paddle raft at put in, Paula sits in front, John is behind her, Stich (Steve) in back of John, and just peeping out is Jimbo with his straw hat. All the brothers went on to have extensive guiding careers all over the west and the world; Paula guided for several years and then moved into teaching. See more on the Tichenors. Photo by their mom, Teresa. 

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Date uploaded: Nov 15, 2022
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