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My Stanislaus Wildlife Rescue Campaign – Susan Brooks (PDF)

Status: Live River
By: Sue Knaup
Date: 1979

“I had just turned fifteen in March, 1979. Though I held jobs at three animal-rights nonprofits in the Bay Area, I didn’t know about the Stanislaus. By chance, I was tending a booth for the Fund for Animals at a fair where Friends of the River (FOR) also had a booth. My friend who was helping me was drawn to their urgent message on the flooding of the river. She asked if anyone was going to save the animals that would be trapped on islands or in trees and then be drowned. No one had considered that. She rushed back to our booth to tell me, because another one of my jobs was at the Marin Wildlife Center rescuing wild animals. I followed her to the FOR booth where I met Alexander Gaguine for the first time. He was thrilled at the idea of my organizing a wildlife rescue.”

And so it began. Read the full story by downoading Sue’s PDF (green icon above) – and see images of her and her efforts here. Sue (now Sue Knaup) is leading a nonprofit that is dedicated to restoring the Stanislaus RIver – learn more here .

Keywords: Flooding, Nature, Protests
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