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The two ways to run Widowmaker – right side slot and left side channel

Location: Widowmaker Rapid
Status: Live River
By: Bruce Raley
Date: September 6, 1975

This photo pair illustrates the two main runs at Widowmaker: 1. Right slot – enter just left of center, get past the dark rock at the top (in the right photo), then quickly re-angle to move just a bit left, then – really fast – line up for the slot at the left side of Widowmaker rock and ride the curve through the slot. 2. Left channel – an easy line up just left of center at the top, then just ride down the tongue to the tail waves at the bottom. Check out more Widowmaker fun here

Keywords: Guides, Rafting
Format: Photograph
Collection: Bruce Raley's Collection
Rights: Copyright Bruce Raley 1975

Date uploaded: Jul 17, 2021
Date last modified: Feb 28, 2023