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Then and now – the old Vallecito General Store

By: Steve Tichenor, Larry Orman
Date: April 3, 2021

The old Vallecito General Store was located at the corner of Angel’s Road and Main Street in Vallecito, just across from the Post Office (still there!). It was owned by Gene Ryerson, but burned down in the late 1970s. A house was later built on the site, but you can see the rough outline of the old store in this image taken in April 2021, during a 50 year reunion of ARTA guides who started in 1971 (foreground, from left: Don Ahlert, Dick Linford, Larry Orman, Mike Bronson, John Cassidy). See more images of the store

Keywords: Cultural, Guides
Format: Photograph
Collection: Admin's Collection

Date uploaded: Apr 8, 2021
Date last modified: Feb 28, 2023