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"Time Piece, A Slide Presentation of the Making of the Time Piece," (portion of flyer)

Status: Live River
By: Martin Blake/Richard Close
Date: 1980

“Timepiece,” a slide presentation transferred to video, of the making of the Timepiece, directed by Martin Blake, with photos by Richard Close, Don Briggs, Ron Pickup, Dale Batchelor, Jeff Nixon, Michael Harami, Richard Anderson, Martin Blake, etc., (30 min.) The memorial sculpture was created at Columbia College by Richard Close, put together next to Parrotts Ferry Bridge on Parrotts Ferry Day, and hidden in the Canyon for future generations to find, over one year later. Sound mixed by Dale Batchelor.

Keywords: Flooding, Protests
Format: Article
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Date uploaded: Aug 28, 2018
Date last modified: Nov 2, 2018