New to Stanislaus Archive – the River Journey view!

April 03, 2023

Now you can travel down the river, from Camp Nine to the old town of Melones and beyond with sequential, mile by mile views (photographs and videos) – as close to being there again as you can get! Click the link above to go directly to this “River Journey” view of the Explore page.

web site image

When you’re going “downriver”, click on the Map tab at any point to see where an item is.

You can do these searches on your own  by clicking on Sort on the Explore page and choosing “River Journey (going down)”, then selecting Status = Live River and Format = Photographs and Videos). You can of course vary these choices to fit what you’re looking for.

If you want to see just the selected Special Portfolio images of the Live River in this downriver order (not flooded), go here.

The downriver journey when the river was flooded/denuded is here.

Once you choose a sort order, the Search Panel items on the left provide lots of detail for finding really interesting information!