Not getting the Stanislaus Archive newsletter? Here’s how to fix that!

October 07, 2021

The Stanislaus Archive newsletter is published via email several times a year to those who’ve subscribed to it (we don’t sell/trade emails!). But some people aren’t getting it – what’s going on with that?

First off, if you know you’re not signed up, here’s the Stanislaus River Newsletter sign up (but be sure to add the address “” to your contacts!)

(Here’s an example of the Archive newsletter)

To see whether you’ve gotten emails from us, you can search all of your email for “” (the Archive email address). If you find those emails you should select them and use the “not spam” button, if they’re in your spam/junk folder. (Remember that most email services delete junk after 30 or so days, so you may not find anything in this search.)  You can also search for “Stanislaus Archive” in the subject line.

While the specifics can vary with email platforms, the likely situations for not getting the newsletter are as follows:

  1. You get a lot of email – and the newsletter is just getting buried in your inbox (some Gmail users may find the newsletter in the “Important” folder)
  2. The newsletter is getting routed to your spam/junk folder

In the first case, the best approach is to set up a folder for Stanislaus River items and then create a filter that places emails from the archive email address into that folder. Unless you have a lot of folders, that should make it pretty obvious when a new item shows up in the folder (we only email every couple of months).  For gmail users, here’s a description of how to set filters.

In the second case, the best approach is to add “” to your email Contacts list. For example, to access your Contacts in gmail, go to the upper right cluster of dots, click and browse for the Contacts application. Open it and add a new contact for Stanislaus River Archive –

Alternatively, if you use Thunderbird as your email client, go to Tools/Address Book and add a contact there.  Other email systems will have similar approaches.

Having the Archive email address in your contacts/addresses should should ensure future emails about the Archive don’t go to spam.