Remembering Don Briggs, Film Maker, Photographer, and Media Activist for the Stan

November 19, 2019

Photo of Don Briggs

Don Briggs passed away September 15, 2019, in Sacramento where he lived in his final years. Don was a remarkable film and photo artist, an accomplished Grand Canyon river guide, and an essential element in the campaigns for the Stanislaus – it was Don who worked the media contacts at local and national scales, culminating in many high points, particularly when he got Walter Cronkhite to do a national TV story on Mark Dubois’ chaining in May 1979. His first film, Parrott’s Ferry is the Limit was a masterpiece of education about the Stanislaus, and was followed by many other films on the Grand Canyon and other topics (you can find them on Amazon).

Don will also always be remembered for his incredibly quirky sense of humor, which showed up in so many ways, and his devotion to saving rivers and making lifelong friends.

You can see the Archive’s collection of photos and videos taken by Don here.

And here are Archive photos of Don.