Trying to figure out what to look for on Try these 5 tips!

November 10, 2022

There is a lot of material on, and more coming weekly. But it can be hard to sort through it all. Here’re five tips for jumping in and having fun doing it:

In Explore, type your name or someone you know about in the search box at the top (the searches are really fast, once everything loads).

While in Explore, choose the “Map” button on the left side at the top of all the items – you’ll go to a satellite view with a lot of markers. Start zooming in, until you begin to see the river bottom (when zoomed far in, we use different images that show this). Now, go upriver to Camp 9 and begin to click on features – Rapids (orange), Camps (black icon), or other Features (green icon). As you do this, all the items on the site about this place will show below the map. It’s a virtual tour!

Go to the Highlights page, and scan for interesting searches – start with the Special Portfolio search which has really great images and documents.

In Explore, use the Sort By tool on the upper right side of the page – choose Date of Item, which sorts on the date the item itself (not the posting of it) was created, newest first. Scroll to the bottom and choose the largest page number to begin with the oldest item. Then just page forward!

Find your favorite place on the river – in Explore, click on Advanced Search, which opens up many search choices. Choose Locations and a dropbox opens with all the places along the river (they’re sorted by: Rapids in river order, then Camps, then Features – with a few places at the very bottom out of order, technical glitch…). For example, here are the results for Mother Rapid.

If you want to see a bit more, here is the tutorial video for the site. Enjoy!